Joulukalenteri: Kannas News interviewed 3 first-grade IB students: anonymous, Arnav Sathe and Lauri Valola.

What’s the best thing, and the most challenging in IB?

Anonymous: It’s not challenging. The best thing is that you can choose what you study.

Arnav: The best thing is the diversity of subject choices a student has and the room to grow in the chosen subjects. Personally I have no challenges in the IB but for most people, time management and work ethic are the biggest issues.

Lauri: Best thing in Ib for me are the nice and diverse people from all around and the open mindness and huge variety of differences on opinions etc. Most challenging for me in IB is mathematics obviously.


What’s your favorite subject?

Anonymous: Math

Arnav: Economics

Lauri: History or English


When did you move to Finland and why?

Anonymous: To see the difference between Finland and Russia, IB and Russian school

Arnav: I moved from India to Finland in 2014 because of my parent’s work

Lauri: I have always lived in Finland


What do you think of Finland and what have been the biggest cultural differences here?

Anonymous: I didn’t see many cultural differences expect one – people are very friendly

Arnav: I think Finland is a lovely place to live. Extremely safe and culturally friendly place. The biggest cultural differences in my opinion are the openness of finnish people in terms of neighborhoods… Everybody is very secluded and minds their own business, there isn’t really a form of ”social network”

Lauri: I love my country its clean and things are under control and the society is obedient for the authority.


What do you like to do in your freetime?

Anonymous: Procastinate, watch movies, do sports

Arnav: I generally read, play my guitar, paint, play badminton and work

Lauri: I hang out with friends, do work, play music or just sleep


There have been rumors about ib-parties. Are those better, than regular parties?

Anonymous: Haven’t attended neither

Arnav: I don’t go to parties

Lauri: IB parties are better because ”work hard play harder” applies to it. IB is much harder than the baby level Finnish national side so partying is naturally much harder


How are you going to celebrate Christmas?

Anonymous: I’m going to have a family dinner

Arnav: With my family and some friends

Lauri: By sleeping it over and maybe seeing some friends


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