How to apply?

To be able to enter the preparatory year studies and later the Diploma Programme, a student must take an entrance exam that is arranged in the school premises. There are no books to be studied but the contents of the entrance exam are based on what was learnt in Finnish comprehensive school. An invitation to the exam is sent to each applicant after registration on Three subjects are tested: mother tongue, i.e. Finnish, Mathematics and English, all to be done on the same occasion. An applicant whose mother tongue is not Finnish completes only the tests in Mathematics and English, but as an extended version. A pencil, a liner,  an eraser as well as personal identification documentation must be brought to the exam. An applicant can score a maximum of ten points from the entire exam. Another ten points is the highest score from the latest available comprehensive school report. The entrance exam is arranged at Kannas school on Thu. 23. April 2020 at 13.15-17.15.

Application from abroad

The applicant must register on to be eligible for taking the entrance exam., which  can, for example, be sent online to the applicant’s school. Such an arrangement is only applied to special cases when the exam must be received by an appointed member of staff with whom the IB-coordinator agrees on the date of the exam and other arrangements. In the cases of foreign applications, the latest school reports are submitted to Kannas school only if the school requests them. In special circumstances the headmaster may, at his discretion, allow other arrangements in the application process. For the examination itself, see the chapter above. A foreign applicant’s previous grades do not account for the final examination score.

The school does not provide accommodation. So far, Kannas school does not require a foreign to be accompanied by a custodian.

If you are interested in our IB programme but you live abroad you can contact Kannas school’s IB-coordinator Sami Sorvali (phone: +358 44 4163064 or for further instructions.